If you're remodeling an older building, you may discover that the fire alarm system is outdated. In some cases, the alarm or sprinkler system may have been poorly installed to begin with. If you find out that your property has a subpar system, upgrade to the latest technology with a replacement from Froehlich Fire Protection Inc.

We offer fire protection replacements and upgrades in Ramona, Santee, San Marcos, and Escondido, CA. Whether you're working on a commercial remodel or a home addition, contact us now to arrange for fire protection services from our team.

When you need an upgrade, turn to our fire protection pros

When you need an upgrade, turn to our fire protection pros

Are you concerned that your building's fire alarm system isn't working properly? Did you come across issues with the sprinkler system during a remodel? You can count on the team at Froehlich Fire Protection to take care of any fire system issues. We will:

  • Inspect your current system
  • Evaluate damage and risks
  • Provide fire protection replacements

Get peace of mind knowing that your building is protected by the latest sprinkler models. Reach out today to schedule a fire system replacement.